Track Talk W15

Beyond Logs: Elevating Test Analysis with Data Visualization

Aleksi Simell

15:15-16:15 Wednesday 12th June

Test automation is a powerful tool to build on the experience gathered from in-person testing, but is there a way to leverage test automation beyond the simple pass and failure results. Is there a way to say, “what are we doing here?” Looking from a helicopter view, test automation tools provide output log files, which give a good overview of the latest run, but only for the latest run.

For short term analysis, that is sufficient, but you won’t know if passes, failures, execution times, etc. are consistent, unexpected, or following a certain trend. Therefore, data visualization is the key to unlock the potential of all the collected data and deep data analysis. They help your team react to issues faster, and in some cases, they even help you understand possible issues even before they become actual issues, enabling proactive actions.

This presentation will explore some real life examples from telecom and embedded systems industries, where data visualization helped organizations evaluate their systems from a different perspective, so they could identify and justify necessary actions to help them get back on track. The talk will expand the knowledge of available data, and give tips on how to harness that data to reveal your unknown issues, gain confidence in your systems, and improve your testing overall.