Track Talk F4

Concurrency: Why Chain Testing Isn’t Enough

Rick Tracy

09:00-10:00 Friday 14th June

In almost every project I worked in, chain tests are held up as the holy path for all test strategies to be built around and the ultimate exploration of quality in a system. It is also the topic that most often frustrates testers & users, falls apart technologically with mismatched environments and configurations, and takes the most coordination and communication.

Is it worth it? In this talk, I’m asserting that no, it is not. Especially because in my experience, it costs far more only to tell us something we can find another way, and it doesn’t go far enough to test an entire system flow on it’s own.

We’ll explore those limitations and alternatives, and then I will present a new testing style, Concurrency Testing. This style of test will seek to truly emulate real actions in production along the chain, trigger multiple actions and mix in with exploratory tests to reveal much more than a traditional chain test. People can then use this model to enhance their tests and provide some real value for effort in such large endeavors, and maybe find a new or unique bug that’s been hiding away. At the very least, I hope to take away some of the frustration many express about chain tests and give us some fun new tools to play with.