Track Talk W16

Crisis-Resilient Testing Strategy: A Real-Time Playbook

Maryna Didkovska

15:15-16:15 Wednesday 12th June

As we all woke up on February 24th, the reality in Ukraine had dramatically shifted. Amid the crisis, the tech industry faced the Herculean task of sticking to release schedules, while orchestrating emergency protocols to ensure team safety. It wasn’t just about risk mitigation anymore; it was about adapting on the fly, demonstrating resilience that was nothing short of heroic. As a Director of Software Quality in a company employing over 14,000 people in Ukraine, I was at the heart of this. Together with my team, we faced the critical challenge of marrying rigid project delivery timelines with the erratic rhythms of a nation in turmoil. Stand-ups, regression tests, customer demos – all these had to dovetail with the pressing imperative of safety, a constant dance between the structured world of IT and the chaos enveloping the streets.

In this session, I will share firsthand the methodologies and strategies we adopted to not just survive, but to ensure seamless continuity of operations. We upheld the sanctity of quality gates, while nurturing a communication line with customers that was both honest and reassuring.

This narrative isn’t just about survival; it’s about a resilience grounded in strategy, a testimony to the results a well-coordinated team can achieve under the most adverse circumstances. It’s about finding clarity in chaos, employing a measurable testing framework, and, quite literally, building a fortress of reliability and quality in the trenches.

Join me for a story of resilient strategy, and navigating a sea of uncertainty. You will leave with not only a deeper understanding of crisis management in the tech space, but also insights into enhancing performance, building a measurable testing framework, maintaining solid quality gates, and handling customer communications — all while literally in the trenches.