Track Talk F8

Who Can You Trust? Protect Your Company from AI Attacks

Marcin Sikorski

10:30-11:30 Friday 14th June

The line between real and artificial has become blurred in the age of AI. I’ve worked in the projects in which people attempted to impersonate employees, and I learned how difficult it was to protect ourselves. Socio-technical attacks are more creative than ever, and now they’re amplified by Large Language Models. The problem is so widespread that police forces all over the world (including the Federal Bureau of Investigation) have been involved in security issues.

So how can we defend our companies against new types of social engineering attacks in which malicious actors can generate anything? How can we test for security in times when someone could be anyone?

Let’s talk about how to protect yourself against synthetic content. I will introduce you to technologies, tools and approaches to prepare for possible attacks. I’ll show you how to use venous biometrics, camera analyzers, text anti-patterns, topographic analysis, and many other techniques.