Track Talk F8

Futureproofing Testing in the Age of AI

Michael Bolton

10:30-11:30 Friday 14th June

Do Large Language Models represent the end of testing as we know it? Are testers doomed to extinction? Or is ChatGPT this year’s Watson, non-fungible tokens, or Metaverse?

Fear not, Dear Testers: testing is not going away. As long as there is new technology, there will be product risk that leads to business risk. Responsible organizations will want to know about problems that matter before it’s too late.

Discovering those problems requires far more than providing input to a product and demonstrating that it produces some desirable output. Avoiding unpleasant surprises requires skilled, technically and socially competent investigators, performing experiments to reveal truths about software products and their problems.

Join us as Michael Bolton looks at the current state of Large Language Models, and how they relate to testing – and how serious testers need not fear the future.