Track Talk F8

Get Ready to Game

Michael Bolton

14:30-16:00 Friday 14th June

Why do kids learn things so quickly? How do people socialize, have fun, and learn all at the same time? One answer, in a word, is “play”.

Games are fun, but they’re also worth taking seriously. Games take all kinds of forms, providing us with low-risk, low-stakes puzzles, problems, and challenges. Sometimes they’re very abstract; sometimes they’re simulations of things in the world. No matter what, games give us opportunities to exercise and develop lots of skills: strategizing, observing, communicating, negotiating… And they can be a great way to meet and engage with old and new friends as the conference draws to a close.

Pop on down to this session. We’ll have a number of games available for you — and we invite you to bring your own favourites, too!