Track Talk F2

Human-Centric Testing: Building Empathy into Your Test Cases

Bert Fabry

09:00-10:00 Friday 14th June

Picture this: you’re engrossed in an intricate testing cycle, diligently verifying code. Suddenly, a thought hits you: “Am I considering the end-users’ feelings as they interact with this software?” As agile testers, we can sometimes be so caught up in the minutiae that we overlook the humans at the other end.

“Human-Centric Testing: Building Empathy into the User Experience” is more than a lecture—it’s an immersive, interactive experience. As soon as you walk into the room, you’ll be greeted with real-life user personas that we’ll use throughout the talk. Engage in group discussions and collaborate on empathy maps that we’ll incorporate live into a testing strategy.

Rather than just being talked at, you’ll be guided through live demonstrations of empathy mapping, putting it at the forefront rather than relegating it as a mere “key takeaway.” Through hands-on exercises, we’ll explore narrative arcs that simulate the end-users’ highs and lows, transforming you from a traditional tester into an advocate for user experience.

By the time you leave, you won’t just go back to your team with a new set of skills; you’ll return as a storyteller, ready to inject a deeply human perspective into your agile testing environment.