Track Talk F7

QA Outsourcing: Triumphs, Trials, & Takeaways

Paul Ngum

10:30-11:30 Friday 14th June

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, companies are continually seeking efficient ways to deliver quality products while optimizing costs and have historically turned to outsourcing

This talk dives deep into the world of QA outsourcing, offering insights into its costs vs. benefits, potential pitfalls, and invaluable takeaways.

We’ll begin by exploring the triumphs, highlighting how QA outsourcing has driven faster time-to-market for products, facilitated access to global expertise, and allowed businesses to scale testing capabilities on-demand. Next, we’ll delve into the challenges, shedding light on communication barriers, quality concerns, and the importance of aligning organizational cultures between the hiring company and the outsourced QA team.

The talk will conclude with lessons learned, emphasizing best practices around vendor selection, communication and collaboration, and strategies to maintain product quality standards. This talk aims to equip professionals with a balanced perspective on QA outsourcing, helping them make informed decisions and ensuring success in their QA endeavors. The session aims to offer a holistic overview of the QA outsourcing landscape.