Tutorial H

Redefining Refinement Meetings – Neat, Engaging, Rewarding

Hristina Koleva

13:30-17:00 Tuesday 11th June

For years, there’s been a weekly hour for ‘Refinement’ on our calendars. But what exactly are those? Are they ‘Refinement meetings’, ‘Grooming sessions’, or ‘Backlog refinements’? What’s their purpose? Do they benefit the team, or are they just another prescribed time-waster?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. What’s clear is that the team needs comprehensive, accessible, and organized knowledge about a requirement – and extensive documentation is a no-go.

In response to non-working practices, here comes the User Story Analysis. It’s a colourful Miro board that gathers questions, ideas, risks, and more, providing clarity during Refinement Meetings.

It builds confidence in the team’s ability to deliver, and improves communication. Missing requirements and poor communication are the root causes of all bugs, delays, and frustration.

User Story Analysis is a neat, quality-driven approach that saves time wasted on clarifications, scattered across various channels.

This practice enables teams to empathize with users, uncover context and intentions, brainstorm on potential issues, and identify dependencies early in the process. It’s a powerful way to make Refinement Meetings productive and efficient.