Track Talk Th4

Stop the Tooling Avalanche!

Cristiano Cunha

10:30-11:30 Thursday 13th June

It doesn’t matter if you’re adopting agile practices or shaping into DevOps mentality: at the end of the day, you need tools that support those changes. What most of us forget is that adopting new tools comes with a price (and I’m not talking about money).

Have you stopped to consider if have the expertise to run and maintain this tool? Have you checked if this tool complies with the best practices and standards your company has defined? Do you know if your company has such standards? Do you know how well it will integrate with your processes and other tools?

I was caught in this avalanche, and it was not pretty! New tools adopted from security teams that require knowledge to use, and didn’t integrate with the rest of the process. Testing tools that didn’t have visibility over reports to find issues. New frameworks from development teams that didn’t have official releases, and were still buggy and hard to maintain. The list goes on and on.

The company was growing, and had to ensure that some rules were applied due to compliance requirements. Operation teams were not happy to be the last to know about these new tools. All this diversity also has increased the maintenance of environments, and we all know that more tools means more failure points in your processes. In order to stop it, we needed to collaborate and define an adoption process for tools that materialises as a Technology Radar available for everyone.

Who to involve in the effort of creating the Technology Radar? I want to share our approach, and answers, to all the above questions that we have experienced during the definition/adoption of the process.