Tutorial C

Think Like a Tester

Rikard Edgren

09:00-17:00 Tuesday 11th June

Testing is primarily a thinking activity. There are hands-on aspects, and tools doing a lot of the work, but the intelligentia lies in the tester’s mind. So testing starts and ends in your head, and if you know more about your strength and weaknesses you can do a better job.

In this tutorial we will cover aspects like:

  • critical thinking – e.g. questioning things that aren’t as apparent as others think
  • creative thinking – finding new perspectives and solutions for a unique situation
  • logical thinking – understand how things fit together and affect each other
  • pragmatic thinking – finding solutions that will actually work
  • modelling – you are always using a model, whether you’re aware of it or not
  • learning – the input and output of (good) testing


Theory is one thing, but experiential learning through exercises is more important. There will be shorter thinking exercises, and longer hands-on exercises on hand-crafted applications created for this tutorial. The theory and exercises, together with Rikard’s sharing of experiences, will hopefully help you broaden your perspectives.

The goal is to learn more about our thinking, and have a bit of fun while doing it.