Track Talk Th15

Visualizing Test Status using Quality Characteristics

Martin Nilsson

15:15-16:15 Thursday 13th June

When I started my current assignment as a Test Manager, the organisation was trying to visualize how good the teams were working with test and quality by counting bugs the teams filed during development. Since then, we have thankfully come a long way. Inspired by the Quality Criteria in the Heuristic Test Strategy Model we decided to collect and visualize test data in accordance of the Quality Characteristics (QC) in ISO 25000.

In this presentation I will share how we have setup all reporting, from bugs to test case results to exploratory test sessions, so that it connects to the QC’s. This way, we can have an automatically updated board, created in Power BI, to visualize the current status as well as trends. The idea is to help the organisation to understand not only what have been tested (and the results) but also what have not been tested. The aim is not to provide an objective truth but expose information so that the right questions can be asked to the development organisation. For example: Why have there not been any testing performed on usability? Do we need usability tests or is this out of scope