Track Talk W2

Would We Hire Einstein?

Karin Thorvaldsson

10:30-11:30 Wednesday 12th June

How do we benefit most from the people thinking differently?

We often choose to socialise with people that behave and think like us. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘to surround yourself with Yes men’. But how does that help us develop? We’re most successful when we work with people that are not like us. People that will question our ideas, and think with new perspectives. They make us rethink, and together we can reach further than we could on our own. This is valid for all of us, but what about the people who are outside the ‘normal’ range? And who decides if a person is within the range or outside?

It’s the surrounding people who decide. We get to decide if we, as a company, want to benefit from the people with the really amazing ideas and perspectives that we cannot imagine by ourselves. Or, we can decide to to shut them out. It sounds like an easy answer to me, and studies show that companies that choose to be more inclusive are more successful. So what are the challenges, and what can we do to broaden the ‘normal’ range to at least include Einstein*? This is what I will talk about. You are welcome to listen.

*Einstein is believed to have had high-functioning autism.