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Expo Area – The Benefits of Exhibiting at a Conference

  • 09/04/2019
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Exhibiting at a conference can bring a number of benefits to your business. You can meet directly with potential customers and generate leads. You can also build a strong network and spy on your competitors. At such events you can have a one-to-one interaction with your customers. Every conference is different and attracts a certain crown based on the theme of the event, so you should carefully select one that is very relative to your business. EuroSTAR Conferences, for example attract many software testers to learn, network and be inspired by other testers and software testing companies. Companies such as Micro Focus, Accenture, Sauce Labs and many more have been successfully exhibiting at our annual conferences (for the full EuroSTAR exhibitor listing, check our expo area).

Today, let’s point out some of the key benefits of exhibiting at a busy conference and why it’s good for your business. 


Raise Awareness 

Exhibiting at industry events is a good way to raise your profiles and generate brand awareness. As well as taking a stand at an event, there are usually other advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


Meet Clients in Person

Meeting face-to-face with potential customers is a great way to start building relationships. It has always have a good impact on any business, also people who have had a good customer experience will recommend your business by word of mouth. 



Build your database

Meeting with potential customers at an exhibition helps you to start building your marketing lists and generate qualified sales leads. If you have great prizes that people at the conference can win, they can fill in a form with their email address – something you will find beneficial for your newsletter!




Like most conferences, including EuroSTAR, exhibiting at such events are a great way to  not only meet, but connect with potential customers, suppliers and to learn more about your competitors. You will see many kinds of businesses at one event which could help you identify how you can improve as a business or whether or not you stand out from the crowd. 



Launch New Product

Last but not least, exhibiting at conferences are a good place to introduce a new product or service. Being able to explain your offering in person and answer questions is ideal if your product is innovative.


As you can see, exhibiting at a conference that brings potential clients can be a big benefit for your company. It is a one-to-one place to meet your clients. At EuroSTAR conferences, we still have a few expo spaces available. You can view the floorplan area here or call our sales team directly on (091) 514 470. You can also download the expo brochure 


Download The Expo Brochure


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