Why Speak at the EuroSTAR Conference?

Each year at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference, our speakers share their experience and skills with over 1,000 attendees to inspire ideas, help generate solutions and drive innovation in testing. 2020 speaker submissions are now closed.

Each year we are invite everyone with a testing story to tell, to apply and here are some reasons that make speaking at EuroSTAR so enjoyable:

Michael Bolton EuroSTAR Speaker

This is Europe’s Biggest Testing Stage!

EuroSTAR has been the largest stage in quality assurance and software testing in Europe since 1993. We have been inspiring, motivating, encouraging and predicting the future trends for decades! Join the long list of EuroSTAR legends who have shared their professional and personal stories. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants.

Expand Your Professional Network

EuroSTAR brings an abundance of networking events from day time lean coffee, mini meet-ups and lunches to EuroSTAR at Night evening networking events such as the Test Lab Party and the Community Dinner and the annual Gala Awards Dinner. As a speaker, you’ll have excellent opportunities to make valuable connections within the wider testing community and learn from other speakers.

“EuroSTAR was and still is the biggest testing conference in Europe. You are going to meet so many other speakers and they’re not just within a single niche, they are across the entire spectrum of software testing.” Alan Richardson, The Evil Tester, UK

Business Development, and PR for your Personal Brand

Nothing beats meeting in person. At EuroSTAR you will shake hands with many well-connected people in the testing world, as well as potential clients. Speakers, through delivering an excellent and relevant talk can prove their expertise and knowledge, gaining added attention from potential clients within the audience, often leading to business development.

“as a speaker at EuroSTAR, you will find it much easier to make contacts, both during the conference and also afterwards, and it can raise your profile within the industry and your current organisation.” Andrew Brown, SQS, UK

Raise your Profile, Get Noticed!

Speakers gain increased visibility throughout the EuroSTAR international community. Both you and your listed company are included in the conference promotional information, including featuring on the conference website, across all social channels and more so your organisation also gains exposure.

“It’s the whole atmosphere and energy plus it goes back to the people, the diversity of the people. You’ve got a real chance to really get your message across, influence and interest testers.” Kristoffer Nordstrom, Northern Test Consulting AB, Sweden

The Delegates, the reason we do everything!

Engaged delegates will be at YOUR talk to hear YOUR story. Our speakers are continually amazed at how interested EuroSTAR delegates are. Everyone has a great story to tell and real experiences are learning opportunities for each of the delegates listening to your talk.

“The audience are very receptive, very interested in discussing so you give your talk but then you can follow up with discussion and that’s really powerful.” Isabel Evans, Independent Consultant, UK

Build your Confidence & Career

Every year, the overwhelming feedback we receive from speakers is that the opportunity to share YOUR experience, and help others facing similar challenges to become better testers is very gratifying.

“if you believe that your ideas have merit, but lack confidence or self-belief, speaking and getting feedback will give you evidence of the validity of your ideas.” Andrew Brown, SQS, UK

Gain Access to all Tutorials & Talks at EuroSTAR

Speakers who are selected for the 2020 Programme receive complimentary conference registration —giving them access to every session on the programme including full and half day tutorials. In addition to the best of training and strategy, outside of your own talk, you’ll be able learn about new trends and ideas in testing as well as important team and leadership skills, giving you cutting-edge strategies to take back to your company.

And Most Importantly, Be part of the Family

EuroSTAR is a wonderful and welcoming community of software engineers, testers, managers, consultants, vendors and more. The conference has become a reunion for many regular attendees while also being a place to form new friendships within the testing community for those newer to the conference. As Irish poet W.B. Yeats said; “there are no strangers here, only friends that have yet to meet.”

“Don’t be afraid, we are all testers, we are all your friends” René Tuinhout, RDW, Netherlands

***2020 speaker submissions are now closed.***