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Featured Talk: Effective Writing and Testing of User Stories

This track on user stories and will cover with examples, how to write effective user stories including acceptance criteria. The formal events and informal communications involving testers are a key opportunity for defect prevention and for testers to add more value in agile teams.

This track will discuss the typical roles involved in user story development/refinement and how stories can then be used to drive testing and implementation.

The following will be covered:

  • How to define good stories that meet predefined quality criteria
  • The power of examples as acceptance criteria
  • How testing is best incorporated into estimates of user story implementation
  • How to perform test analysis and design on user stories with examples
  • Testing epics as well as stories
  • How to deal with non-functional requirements
  • Common pitfalls

- Fran O’Hara, Inspire Quality Services, Ireland.


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