Special Hotel Rates for EuroSTAR Attendees

EuroSTAR 2018, the 26th edition of Europe’s leading software testing conference takes place at the World Forum in The Hague from 12-15th of November.

We work with a third party hotel booking agency ‘Love Events’ who have arranged preferential rates for our attendees, speakers and exhibitors in a number of hotels near the World Forum in The Hague. There are lots of accommodation options to choose from with approximately 7,000 hotel rooms across all categories spread over 3 areas. The World Forum is located in Zone 2 – the International zone.

Zone 1 – Seaside
On a mere 10-15 minutes by public transport, there is a large cluster of hotels in all categories in the seaside resort Scheveningen, or somewhat further along the coast; the smaller resort Kijkduin (10 minutes by public transport).

Zone 2 – International Zone
The immediate neighbourhood of World Forum offers more than 700 hotel rooms within a few minutes walk.

Zone 3 – Historic City Centre
Again only a few stops away by public transport (10-15 minutes), a concentration of hotels can be found. In the opposite direction from the resort Scheveningen lays the charming historic city centre of the Royal City of The Hague. Amidst beautiful monuments, lively squares and inviting shopping-areas, hotel rooms in all categories can be found.

Closest Hotels to EuroSTAR Conference 2018

Hotels selected by our third party hotel booking agency ‘Love Events’

hotel for eurostar 2018

*** Official EuroSTAR Hotel ***


5 min walk to the venue


accommodation for eurostar 2018



1 min walk to the venue


hotel near eurostar 2018



6 min walk to the venue


where to stay for eurostar 2018



10 min walk to the venue


Please follow the link below to access the EuroSTAR 2018 Third Party Hotel Booking Service portal. This booking portal is provided by ‘Love Events’ hotel booking agency for the 2018 EuroSTAR software testing conference. To make a reservation, click the link above, choose your arrival and departure dates and then choose the hotel to meet your needs and complete the booking form.

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