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Benefits of Volunteering at a Conference

  • 21/08/2019
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Final call for volunteers for the EuroSTAR Conference, Prague 📢 The Volunteer Programme closes Aug. 31st. Lets celebrate testing this November at #EuroSTARConf! We are looking for dedicated and passionate people to be part of the conference team.  Volunteers are core members of the conference and strongly influence the success of the event.  We have compiled a list of the top reasons and benefits of volunteering at a conference.


Conferences develop your career, your skills, your thought-processes and expose you to new elements of your industry.  Learn from industry experts through the entirety of the conference. Whether its in a track talk, a tutorial, talking to an exhibitor, attending a couch-session, hands-on testing in the test lab, or solving your problems in the test clinic, EuroSTAR provides 110+ hours of learning.

Work Experience

Volunteering always stands our on your CV. Especially if its in an industry that you would like more experience and to work in. Make your CV stand out by putting EuroSTAR Conference on it. 


How often are you in a room with 1,000+ individual that share similar interests, passions, challenges as you? Networking unlocks so many opportunities. Whether its meeting the people you chat to on twitter, making new friends, meeting an expert, or even a new potential job opportunity. The more you network the better! Check out this year’s awesome networking events in Prague.


Attending conferences can be quite expensive. It can often be difficult to get approval of budget to attend a conference (we can help secure approval). By volunteering, you get access to the conference for free, with the freedom to attend sessions when you’re not on the schedule.

Attending Sessions

Volunteering is a two-way exchange. You put time into volunteering, in return you can attend your favourite sessions! View the programme to decide which talks you want to attend well in advance of arriving.

Reach beyond your comfort zone and volunteer at a conference, it’s an incredible experience with great memories! Volunteer for #EuroSTARConf, Prague. Entries close 31st Aug, so don’t miss your chance to be part of this year’s conference team! Enter volunteer programme today.


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