EuroSTAR 2017 Volunteer Programme

EuroSTAR 2017 Volunteer Programme

Every year for the past 25 years, the EuroSTAR community has welcomed hundreds of testers to a four day mind blowing marathon event on testing in all it’s different guises.

At the heart of the Conference is the community area for reserved for you to meet, learn and share from other attendees. The area features not just the renowned Test Lab but also the relaxed surroundings of the Community Huddle. In 2015, EuroSTAR launched the Test Clinic as a location for testers to get their testing problems diagnosed.

The popularity of this communal area is a testament to the regards attendees hold for getting the opportunity to speak, learn and debate with others. They allow you to share ideas, test new things or just relax and shoot the breeze. You could get involved in a puzzle, learn about note taking, hear a Soapbox or join a lean coffee debate with one of the keynotes.

These areas need volunteers each year to run as smoothly as they have.

In addition we are also accepting applications for the EuroSTAR Cadet programme. If you are new to software Testing and have not experienced a large-scale software testing conference before, this is the opportunity to get sample Europe’s largest and contribute to the community as well.

If you think you can contribute to EuroSTAR, want to get out there and contribute to software testing, or just want to experience what the EuroSTAR Conference is all about, this is your opportunity to join us!

Applications have Closed for the EuroSTAR 2017 Volunteer Programme


The successful applicants will be announced on the EuroSTAR blog on Wednesday 20th September



How Can I Be A Part of EuroSTAR?

Each of the areas are looking for volunteers with particular skills.

Read the story of each area below and decide which area will suit you best.


    Test Lab

    The Test Lab is the location you want to be at to challenge your testing knowledge. With lots of environments, testable systems, tools, expert sessions and more, there is plenty happening.

    This year the Test Lab at EuroSTAR will be led by Eddy Bruin and Stefana Ioana Chiorean

    Eddy and Ioana are looking for two TestLab apprentices.

    What Kind of Volunteers are We Looking for?

    You’ll need to be facilitator at heart. And you’ll have an advantage if you’re technical, social and inventive.

    You’ll help to keep the environment working, get familiar with the target software, help people get unstuck, help set up and pack away. You’ll be front and centre throughout the event, at the heart of the conference. You’ll learn from the Masters what they do, and why.

    Be part of the Test Lab is a big commitment. The TestLab takes more preparation than a keynote and more commitment than a tutorial. You don't (usually) get to go to any talks but you do get to meet with testers from all over Europe, expand your testing horizons and learn from the Test Lab Masters.

    Test Lab Apprentices will be required to be available from Monday to Thursday of the Conference.


    Community Huddle

    The Community Huddle is the home for conference delegates to get to know each other.
    Filled with couches, games, and more, it is the place to relax, chat about your favourite talks so far or just shoot the breeze.
    The Community Huddle bring testers together at the Conference much like the online Huddle does.

    This year there will be Lean Coffee, Open Space, a testing book-swap, Soap Box events, Couch sessions, First-Time Attendees session and more.

    What Kind of Volunteers are We Looking for?

    Technical knowledge is not necessary for this role. You will need to be a good facilitator, happy to talk with fellow attendees and discuss everything testing. You'll be happy to announce Soap Box sessions, eager to find speakers to give a talk,and share your experiences in software testing with others.

    You will also be familiar with, if not a member of the EuroSTAR Huddle online community.

    The role will require attendance at all the breaks but you will be free to attend some of the sessions.

    Community Huddle volunteers will be required to be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Conference week.


    Test Clinic

    The Test Clinic made it's debut at EuroSTAR 2015.

    The Clinic offers you to get your testing problem solved whether with the Clinic Doctors or Consultants.

    The Test Clinic is looking for 2 test "doctors" to operate at the Clinic during the Conference.

    What Kind of Volunteers are We Looking for?

    You will have strong technical knowledge, you will be happy to help out with problems and know who to refer to if you are unable to solve it.
    You will be organised, aware of many different test processes and a great communicator.
    The "Doctors" will be on hand at all the breaks during the conference but you will be able to attend some sessions.

    The Test Clinic Doctors will will be required to be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Conference week.


    EuroSTAR Cadet

    The EuroSTAR software conference is the largest in Europe. The EuroSTAR Cadet role offers a number testers just starting out in the testing world to attend one of the most prestigious software testing conferences.

    The role will involve helping out with directions for attendees, runner for Q&A sessions, helping speakers setup and more.

    You will be given the opportunity to interact with some of the best software testing minds. You will have the opportunity to attend sessions and see what all the hype is about!

    What Kind of Volunteers are We Looking for?

    If you are new to testing, eager to access some great testing talks while contributing to the successful staging of the Conference, then this role is for you.

    Cadets will be asked to be available for different days from Monday to Thursday of Conference week.

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