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FAQBelow are some common questions we receive about the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community and Conference.

Is EuroSTAR really all it’s cracked up to be?




Are you just saying that so I’ll go?

Yes. But these guys think so too.

What does it cost to attend the EuroSTAR Conference?

Pricing for the conference varies depending on how many days you plan on attending – please visit our Pricing page for more details.

How do I qualify for a discount?

There are several discounts available for delegates planning to attend the EuroSTAR Conference. For more details on discounts, visit our Discounts page.

Are there any allowances or reductions for academics at the EuroSTAR Conference?

There is an applicable 50% discount for academics attending EuroSTAR, subject to terms & conditions – visit our Discounts page for more details.

Is there any way to attend the conference for free?

Yes, each year there are several opportunities to secure a free place at the Conference. Throughout the year we run a number of competitions – some of which offer prizes of free places at the EuroSTAR Conference (Individual and team prizes on offer – stay tuned to the EuroSTAR Conference blog and online software testing community for details).

My boss isn’t convinced I should attend, can you help?

We can try! Download our convince your boss kit. It’s not magic but it should help. It’s also worth showing your boss what previous attendees have to say about the EuroSTAR Conference.

I have already registered for the conference, when do I get my badge and delegate information?

A set of guidelines aimed at helping you get the most from your time at the conference will be emailed to you in the days before the conference. Your badge and conference materials can be collected at the registration desk when you arrive at the venue. It helps to have some form of identification to hand when registering.

Where is the 2018 Conference going to be held?

The 2018 Conference will take place at The World Forum in The Hague from November 12-15th.

What about 2019?

That’s a secret. We announce it at the end of this year’s conference.

How do you get on the Programme for the EuroSTAR Conference?

Anyone can submit to speak at EuroSTAR. Submissions are reviewed by an independent review panel of experienced software testers and also by the Programme Committee. The best scoring submissions are then used to compile the programme. A small number of speakers are invited and do not come through the submission process – this is at the discretion of the Programme Chair and his/her Committee. The Call for Submissions for the 2019 conference will be announced at the 2018 Conference.

How does someone get on the review panel for the conference?

If you would like to be considered for a place on the independent review panel, please send your letter of application to [email protected] stating why you believe you would be a suitable reviewer.

Who chooses the host city for the annual conference and how is the host city chosen?

The host city is chosen by the EuroSTAR Conference team. The team looks for somewhere desirable and fun, with an international airport for easy access. In addition, we try to choose cities in areas where there are lots of testers to minimise the need to travel for as many people as possible. If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know!

How can my company become a sponsor or exhibitor?

For details on exhibiting at EuroSTAR Conference 2018 – contact [email protected] or call +353-91-514477. Also visit the Sponsor & Exhibitor section of our website for more information.

Got any questions not answered?

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please email [email protected] with your query or call +353-91-514470.

4 Responses to FAQ

  1. SangSoo says:


    I registered in the conference last week.

    Some questions are as follows:

    – How can I get the Seminar PPT or PDF ?
    (Download links? )
    – Normally, How many attended per session ?

    Thank you

  2. Ron Kolijn says:

    If I browse through the program, I can add sessions to my agenda. But, once finished adding all sessions of interest, where can I find this agenda?

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Ron, unfortunately that function has been disabled for the current year

  4. Paul says:

    Hi SangSoo,

    You will receive a link to presentations in an email over the next couple of days.

    Numbers attending per session varies widely depending on the type of session. Some sessions have as few as 10, others can have more than 100.

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