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Programme Chair Blog: Conferring: questions, discussions & sharing ideas

  • 08/11/2019
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Continuing our series of EuroSTAR in poetry by our 2019 Programme Chair, Isabel Evans, as we approach the start of the conference, it is a great time to think about all the amazing people you are about to meet.

EuroSTARConf was created way back in 1993 to bring the testing and quality community together. It is THE largest software testing event in Europe and for some, it may be your first time at such a large event. First and foremost, we are your testing family. Everyone is here to revel in the shared learning and either get inspiration or help provide it. The EuroSTAR Community is truly amazing and you are going to love every minute of it!

If you are joining the conference for the first time, there are lots of people to meet including the world class line up of speakers. Isabel has given some thoughts on how to make the most of your time and tips on how to engage with the speakers.

Isabel Evans and Graham Freeburn

Haiku Poem from Isabel Evans

A conference is
for conferring. Ask. Listen. Speak.
Discuss. Explain. Hear.

There are thirty ways
to ask questions, eleven
ways to answer them.

You know them: Closed,
Open, Leading. Then Yes/no,
Full, Evasive, Lies.

Which ones help? Which
Hinder our dialogue?
Think before you speak.

Let’s be open
in our questions and answers,
speaking, listening.

Speakers like feedback:
Right time and place – constructive,
Thoughtful, engaged,

Give them praise – speaking
Is hard. Ask them about their
Topic and ideas.

Engaged dialogue
Constructively helps our growth
And progress, build us.

The 27th EuroSTAR Software Testing & QA Conference kicks off on Monday 11th November. We hope to see you there!

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I’m part of the EuroSTAR Community Team. I love the outdoors and will always be up for swimming in the sea, climbing a mountain or yoga on the beach! If you see me at the EuroSTAR Conference I might be helping our keynote speakers or taking photos to share on social media. Do say hi and we can talk sci-fi or baking .. the choice is yours!

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