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Programme Chair Blog – EuroSTAR in Poetry

  • 23/07/2019
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  • Posted by Suzanne

To many, code is poetry so this year, we have decided to introduce poetry to the story of the 27th EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference which takes place in Prague Congress Centre, 11-14 November.

Each Programme Chair brings their own unique magic to the EuroSTAR Conference. This is what makes our community so wonderful  and diverse. Our 2019 Programme Chair, Isabel Evans, is a lover of poetry and she has taken all aspects of the talks, the committee, creating the programme and more, and woven them within beautiful Haiku poems.

“Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Translating the form to English is not an exact science, however, they are based on patterns in the syllables, for example each haiku poem can be a 17 syllable poem consisting of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. Before you tell us … in haiku, the lines rarely rhyme!

Below is an extended version of haiku just to get you started and hopefully intrigued. Over the coming months you will see snippets of these gorgeous haiku poems on our social channels as well as additional blogs.

We hope you like them!

EuroSTAR in Poetry

To begin, a few words from Isabel Evans:

Programme Chair’s Blog – as Haiku This Year – Why? Because we can, we have.


Lorraine said “something
new please. Why not poems?” Well,
Lorraine – here we are!

Customary blog from
Programme chair in haiku form
this year – poems in

form of seventeen
syllables five seven five
I will have got it

wrong of course somewhere
in there – you are testers – check!
Isabel Evans

EuroSTAR stories

So How Did We Choose the 2019 Programme?


Choosing the programme,
how we laughed and cried. Too
much choice! Options?!?

So many submissions
To speak; only some chosen
The best; hard choices!

EuroSTAR 2019 Programme Theme

The Thoughts Behind the 2019 EuroSTAR Conference Theme


Working well, purpose
And practice right for people
Facing challenges

Surmount challenge through
Purpose, people and practice
This is working well

Serving our purpose
Understanding our customers
Deliver value

“Why this theme?” you ask
“Customers, craft, value, health
Community too”

Tools, automation
Vital support to practice
Need them working well

How to do this task?
What approaches help? Techniques?
Many ideas, choose!

People bring knowledge
And skills to solve problems well
That is us, working.

In teams we work, not
Solo but community
True for EuroSTAR too

If we’re not well
We can’t work well, take care of
Yourself and your team.

Are we craftspeople?
Or engineers? Both? Choose your
path and practices with care.

Future is hidden
We can guess at it, always
A challenge to us.

Change and growth help us
Face the future challenge
Always necessary

Unwell, a challenge
To life my head up
Face the future, smiling

“How can we test? We
don’t know our purpose.” “Can you
measure your value?”

UX/CX – new
To you? – important, fret not!
Vital, learnable!

Requirements, and
Stories, they’re how we know
What to deliver

We hope you enjoyed these poems from Isabel and look out for the next Programme Chair Blog – coming soon!

In the meantime, do check out the diverse programme of talks that Isabel and her committee; Gitte Ottosen, Jean Paul Varwijk and Ioana Chiorean have put together.

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I’m part of the EuroSTAR Community Team. I love the outdoors and will always be up for swimming in the sea, climbing a mountain or yoga on the beach! If you see me at the EuroSTAR Conference I might be helping our keynote speakers or taking photos to share on social media. Do say hi and we can talk sci-fi or baking .. the choice is yours!

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