BDD Fundamentals

F     Start Time : 08:30     End Time : 12:30

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a set of practices and tools that enables business analysts, developers and testers to collaborate on a single source of truth: Executable Specifications.

Executable Specifications are living documents that serve several purposes.

  • For business analysts they are a concise way to express how they want the software to behave
  • For developers they are unambiguous requirements that guide and validate the implementation
  • For testers they are automated regression tests

Executable Specifications are easy to read by both humans and computers. They are great for building a shared understanding across different roles on a software project. This shifts the focus from finding bugs to preventing them.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What is BDD and why should I care?
  • Breaking down a user story into examples
  • Turn those examples into executable specifications
  • Execute these specifications with Cucumber
  • Who does what and when (roles, responsibilities and timing on a BDD team)
  • Speaker

  • Aslak Hellesøy - , Cucumber Ltd., United Kingdom

    Aslak Hellesøy is the creator of Cucumber – the popular open source framework for Executable Specifications and BDD.

    He is a founder of Cucumber Ltd – a company offering professional software and services related to Cucumber.

    Previously he has worked as a Senior Software Engineer for DRW Trading, CTO and Chief Scientist for BEKK Consulting and Senior Software developer for ThoughtWorks.

    Aslak has created and contributed to several Open Source projects for 15 years, ranging from test frameworks, web servers and J2EE, using Ruby, JavaScript, Java and more.