Don’t Leave Until You Have All the Answers!

AW3     Start Time : 14:00     End Time : 15:00

No doubt, that during the conference you have collected many ideas and got many useful tips. But, check for yourself. Have all your questions been answered? This interactive session is your last chance to leave the conference with a tick in every box. Join the program committee & guests, and get engaged in the final community discussion. This is your chance to address your questions to Paul Gerrard, Alexandra Casapu, Mike Jarred, and Henk van Merode directly. Hear what they have to say, how they experienced the conference and challenge them with your testing questions.

Derk-Jan de Grood will moderate this lively session and mix questions from the audiencewith those gathered in advance. He will encourage you in his enthusiastic way to participate. In the fishbowl setting you can join the expert-panel, and send the program committee to the stalls. You can share your thoughts or help your fellow participants by recapturing those sessions that they missed. So, if you want an answer to that one lingering question, sort your thoughts and get a wrap-up on the conference. Don’t leave yet, this is the session to attend.