Fostering Your Innovator’s DNA

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LISTEN: Ashfaq introduces his presentation

In this competitive era, innovation has emerged as a key ingredient for success of any organization. Likewise, software testing discipline is also going through paradigm shift. The role of software tester has become more critical than ever before. In order to cope with the changing role and stay competitive; testers need to foster their innovator’s DNA. We will present results from a project that has been running for two years with a team of eighteen software engineers.

The goal of the project was to foster innovation capabilities in the individuals. It was based on the model proposed in the book “The Innovator’s DNA”. The model suggests that innovators possess a certain set of discovery skills, i.e. questioning, observing, networking, experimenting, and associating. These skills are not genetic. You can sharpen these skills by following a structured process. At first, we will give a theoretical background for fostering innovator’s DNA, and then we will share how we put it into practice and lessons learned.

  • Speaker

  • Ashfaq Ahmed - , Visma Software International AS, Norway

    Ashfaq Ahmed works as a Sr. Business Analyst. He is passionate about software test process improvement, organizational improvement and innovation processes. He frequently speaks at public forums and his work has been published in Agile Record and IEEE proceedings of Third International Workshop on Engineering Complex Distributed Systems.