What is the Testers Role – Olympics Experience

W13     Start Time : 13:45     End Time : 14:30

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What are the tester’s responsibilities and where does his role end? Is it enough to do your testing tasks or you have to step up and do more? In this session, I will try to answer these questions by sharing my experience of testing for the biggest TV Everywhere events in history – Olympics. I will show you how this experience changed my perspective on what’s really the tester role.

You will find out what were the challenges we faced, how we established a good communication across remote teams, how we managed to overcome the constraints and prove resourcefulness and what we all learned from servicing this event.

Come to my presentation and discover how you can help your customer be successful and how you can enhance your role as a tester, test lead or test manager.

  • Speaker

  • Robert Calangiu - , Adobe, Romania

    Robert is a quality engineer lead at Adobe working on Primetime – Adobe’s publishing and monetization platform to facilitate TV Everywhere solutions for TV networks and other video providers. Before joining Adobe Robert was test lead and integration engineer for Redline Communications & ITC Networks working on sw & hw networking testing.

    Robert’s current interests are testing improvements, testing leadership and challenging the status quo.