The App is not Enough – Testing Wearable Banking

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As a tester of a mobile banking application there is a lot of challenges testing mobile devices. Adding wearables on top of that adds another layer of challenges for a great products quality assurance. In the project I´d like to talk about we have had great success with adding a watch into the calculation, although it was not exactly a walk in the park. But out of great challenges there is a lot to learn and I would like to use this presentation to share my learning’s, both the good and the bad.

The presentation has the following layout. From a quick testing overview of the banking business and its rapid development going from Internet banking to mobile apps and now to wearables. I will go into details about our project speaking about the methodology and testing approach used. Furthermore the practical use of test tools, test environments and beta users. Moreover talking about the challenges keeping a high level of security when adding another device, a device who is using a token based log in method. Other external factors like Bluetooth and mobile networks. Which behave in a certain way and have to be tested without the possibility of controlling or changing its behavior.

So, here there are a lot of different things that come into consideration apart from testing an online or mobile banking application. This is the core part of the presentation and I will summarise with my experiences including my very honest recommendations and tips from a testing perspective. In conclusion I will give our projects learning suggestions for a testing framework on how to test a wearable banking device’s. This for fellow testers to get an idea of how this could be done in a more structured way than the rather trial and error, exploratory, way our project went. Although it was a success, it could have been done faster and more efficient having a good strategy and framework to start with.

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  • Speaker

  • Carl Johnson - Senior Consultant, SOCO Norge AS, Norway

    Being a stubborn “tester” of things my whole life. I finally took the step and became a functional tester 3 years ago, after a couple years working in other areas within the banking and finance industry. This is an industry that still holds my main interest now, as a test consultant. I am currently working with testing new features for a banks mobile app. Although for the bank, the app is not enough and they have also started focusing on the Internet of things. This has given me the great experience of being the responsible tester of northern Europe’s first “watch bank”.