Marketing the Testing Walk

W24     Start Time : 16:00     End Time : 16:45

In QA today we are faced with the problem of perception. We want to go deeper into technical fields, more automation, more tools, adding more value to the production pipeline, but we have trouble finding the right people. We lack the eye candy and sex appeal to excite developers and we are often crippled by lower salary budgets from management.

This is our own fault!

We need to be much better at marketing our efforts, both internally and externally. This talk will be a story of how we are doing it in Unity, the kind of work we do to make it fun to work for us as well as make it a platform for recruiting more people AND brand ourselves internally.

I will talk about the problems I have seen, the branding techniques to use and the audience you need to target (tech QAs).

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  • Speaker


    Thomas Petersen - Director of QA, Unity Technologies, Denmark

    Thomas has been working in software development for 15 years, with the last 10 focusing on management and QA. The focus has always been on making the entire product cycle efficient and quality driven, regardless of the role he has managed.

    The latest tenure has been with Unity Technologies where he has built an industry leading team of engineers who are focused on automation and context driven manual testing, which ensures Unity can ship on more than 20 platforms.