Technical Mobile Testing – Risk, Issues and Experiences

F7     Start Time : 14:45     End Time : 15:30

Deep_Dive_Icon_smallMobile testing offers numerous challenges and the potential for massive scope creep with so many device combinations and tool choices available. We can’t afford to test everything so we make decisions on scope. We have learn to use risk as part of the the decision making process: business risk, and technical risk. In this talk, Alan will describe his experiences of hands-on testing of mobile native applications and mobile web applications, and the application of technical and risk-based thought processes in deciding what, and how, to test.

Expand your knowledge of mobile technology and improve your mobile testing process. Learn to apply important techniques like; viewing traffic via proxies and Wireshark, and using local wi-fi hotspots. As well as multiple ways to screen capture for defect reporting, how to use emulators and browser developer tools, and how to assess the risk that each new tool adds to your process.

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    Alan Richardson - , Independent Consultant, UK

    Alan Richardson has more than twenty years of professional IT experience, working as a programmer and at every level of the testing hierarchy from tester through head of testing. Author of the books “Selenium Simplified” and “Java For Testers”. Alan also has created online training courses to help people learn Technical Web Testing and Selenium WebDriver with Java. He works as an independent consultant, helping companies improve their use of automation, agile, and exploratory technical testing. Alan posts his writing and training videos on,,, and