Test Automation: A Prerequisite in a Fast Growing Development Organization

W4     Start Time : 09:45     End Time : 10:30

In the last 6 years the number of scrum teams at bol.com has grown from 10 teams to more than 30 teams. Regression testing used to take very long and required many man hours to complete. Our 4 week sprints required almost 1 week of regression testing. It quickly became clear that to sustain and support this growth our testing strategy required a change. We needed to automate more and faster. This presentation will discuss our journey from executing most tests manually to developing, monitoring and maintaining over 6000 automated tests.

Test automation as a tool can support your organization in delivering great software more quickly, but there are many pitfalls. We will explain the steps we have taken to embed test automation in the entire development department and the lessons we have learned during this process. How we went from test automation implemented mainly by testers to test automation done by everyone in the scrum teams. How we discovered monitoring the quality of our software day by day beats regression testing once a month. Why stakeholders will love you when you stop manually reporting on test results and start delivering reports to suit different stakeholders within the organization. We will discuss the complexity of test automation, the challenges and limits we encountered with our test tooling and how we conquered them. This presentation will make clear why you should strive for scalable solutions in test automation.

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  • Speaker

  • Joost van Wollingen - Software Tester, bol.com, Netherlands

    After obtaining my master’s degree in Information Science three years ago, I started working as an agile software tester at bol.com. Initially focusing mostly on Oracle PL/SQL applications I’ve now branched out to Java and big data applications. Each of these new technologies being introduced present their own unique testing challenges. I really enjoy coming up with solutions for those situations and deliver great software for our customers.

  • Elise Elise van Krevelen - , bol.com, Netherlands

    Elise van Krevelen has a background in Software testing and User Experience design. She has always had a curiosity and passion for making life easier for end-users, as well as herself. Working at bol.com for the last 2 years, she has involved herself in getting test automation to a new level and getting her colleagues enthusiastic about the benefits and the simple joy that test automation can bring.