Testing your Marriage

W23     Start Time : 16:00     End Time : 16:45

In this fun presentation, René will show that many aspects we as testers consider in testing are also part of every relationship.
And just as in testing, considering these aspects could mean the difference between failure and succes in your relationship/marriage!

Amongst other subjects ccovered:

  • Compatability
  • Usability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Availability and
  • Satisfaction

will be covered in this humorous track and shown to be as applicable to relationships as they are to testing.

Personal successes and (perhaps more interesting) failures will be presented.

Following his presentation on dating for testers, about the early stages of a relationships and how that’s linked to testing, René now takes it one step further focussing on the testing aspects of long term relationships in general and his marriage in particular.

Are you succesful in relationships? Join this track and find out how to use your relational skills in professional testing!

Are you a professional tester? Join this track and find out how to use your professional skills in relationships!

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  • Speaker

  • René Tuinhout - IT (Test) consultant, Piqto, The Netherlands

    René Tuinhout is an improvisational theatre trainer, which enriches his workshops and presentations with energy, humour and audience interaction. In his working life René is a senior test advisor and coach with 18+ years of experience in software testing.

    René is a frequent speaker and has presented his ideas at many (inter)national conferences on testing (e.g. Dutch TestNet meetings, Nordic Testing Days, SQA14). He’s a co-author of the TestFrame book.

    In 2008 René discovered a flaw in the boundary value analysis test technique, which he corrected by creating the B3VA technique.