Transforming Business Users into Test Drivers

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Tapping into and utilising the expertise and knowledge of Business Users is essential for the completion of an effective UAT test phase. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is often considered laborious or ‘an extra workload’ by Business Users involved in testing verification. However, I firmly believe that transforming Business Users into enthusiastic Test Drivers will enable them to enjoy participating in the testing process.

Creating a Test Driver

To create a Test Driver it is necessary to explain to the Business Users the important role they play in the test process without using technical or test terms. In my place of work I use the analogy of a racing car. I ask the Business Users to imagine that the applications are a racing car and that they are ‘The Stig’. They have the responsibility to test drive the car using their driving expertise, knowledge and experience; and when required to push the car to its limits to see how it responds. This visualisation enables Business Users to picture what testing is and what is required from them.

Being an effective Test Driver

Preparation is key. The best Test Drivers will have the required information on the car beforehand so that they can decide what they need to do to ensure that the car is ready for the open road. This information will be provided and discussed with the Test Driver upfront so that everyone knows what the end goal is.

The Test Driver should not turn up at the track on the day of the test drive to find the car without wheels and sitting on cement blocks. It is the responsibility of the Test Team to liaise with the Test Driver so that their time is utilised effectively.
If something unexpected occurs the test team and the Test Driver analyse the situation and decide the best approach for resolution.

From the Testing Track to the Open Road

If the Test Driver is satisfied that the car is in good working order this is a significant step in the transition from the testing track to the open road.

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    Claire Goss - Test Manager, RaboDirect Ireland, Ireland

    Claire Goss is a Test Manager in RaboDirect Ireland. RaboDirect is an online savings bank and is a subsidiary of Rabobank International. For 11 years, Claire has worked in various roles in I.T. but the last five years in a testing capacity. Claire is a member of the SoftTest Ireland Committee. SoftTest Ireland is an independent software testing special interest group which facilitates sharing knowledge within the Irish Test Community.