Asking ‘Else’ – A Tester’s Magic Word

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I see a growing trend to name the physical scenario quickly. Users come and say: “I want this specific thing changed”. The Given-When-Then construction is beautiful for its simplicity in defining what users want and expect, and is gratefully used in analysis and development.

However, as testers, we bring our own kind of magic to the table. Our skill is asking the question ‘Else’ which allows us to open our minds and think outside the box. Asking ‘Else’ allows us to consider the unexpected and raises awareness that other possibilities and outcomes remain.

In this presentation, I’ll share three stories in which we failed to ask ‘Else’ and the bugs that resulted from this negligence. These examples show how we were swayed by the pattern, which assumptions we made, and I challenge the audience to see how quickly you can spot our wrong assumptions. I believe the future of testing lies in the individual quality and non-linear mind-set of testers and I challenge you to ask yourself how often you truly harness the almost magical power of ’Else’.

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  • Marianne-Duijst


    Marianne Duijst - Software Engineer, Rabobank, Netherlands

    Marianne is currently employed as a Software Engineer at Rabobank, and held previous roles as a Test Analyst, Scrum Master, Developer and High School Teacher. She enjoys speaking about work culture, critical thinking and being a Girl Scout. Her love for IT and the Testing profession comes from a love for puzzles, logic, and structure mixed together with her creative, writing and crocheting mind. She loves to explore, meet people from different countries and cultures, read voraciously and dream outrageously.