The Magic of Testing

K1     Start Time : 14:15     End Time : 15:00

In my keynote (interactive, energetic and magical presentation) I will discuss different issues and themes using the metaphor of magic.



Sometimes tasks and goals can seem “impossible” but by adapting a magical way of thinking, everything is possible! Thinking ‘out of the box’ allows us to set high goals and take on challenges with the determination to succeed. Especially in ever changing times it is essential to continually look forward and think steps ahead.

Entertainment and fun is a vital part of the keynote/interactive presentation, as it has considerably more impact than a ‘standard’ presentation. Another advantage is that the information stays longer with the participants.

What if anything is possible?
What would you want if anything is possible? This is one of the first questions I will ask during the keynote. Often people tend to look at constraints, things do not go well or things that are “not feasible.”

Especially with changes in society and business, it is important to look with an open mind to the future and to consider all possibilities.
Once you know what (impossible) goals you would like to achieve within the world of software testing, you will also have much more focus and opportunity making it a reality. Some things may seem impossible but with a positive and creative way of thinking, there is always a solution!

In this section the participants will write down two personal wishes and two work related.
After we will briefly discuss the wishes/goals, and then we do something “magical” with the 4 cards in which all participants are involved. A beautiful, symbolic and powerful effect!

    • Speaker

    • Jasper_van_Luit


      Jasper van Luit - Speaker | Illusionist | Communication Specialist | Owner MIB, Magic In Business, The Netherlands

      Jasper van Luit is the founder of Magic In Business and he specializes in integrating magic in companies and organisations worldwide. Jasper was born and raised in Amsterdam, and despite his many travels, he still lives there. The Netherlands is a pioneering country in which organizations have to stay innovative and constantly develop. This forward thinking fits exactly with the magical thinking that he has. Making the seemingly impossible, possible is what drives Jasper, he loves to share his passion for communication, innovation and creativity and his sensational insights as an illusionist!

      Jasper won the Dutch Championships of Magic, and has been an internationally renowned illusionist for 25 years. Jasper has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious theatres and television shows. A few of these include: The World’s Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Just for Laughs TV show in Montreal and TV show Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde in Paris. Jasper also performed for Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie of Monaco in the show Monte Carlo Magic Stars in Monaco.

      As a communication specialist and illusionist Jasper has over 15 years experience in providing interactive presentations and workshops for many leading organisations and companies. While studying communication, Jasper developed his theories on how his views on magic could be integrated into the corporate world. He uses magic as a tool to tackle various challenges.

      Magic is necessary in a healthy, strong and innovative company. This requires vision, communication and a motivated team!