The Mythical X-Shaped Tester

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You’ve likely heard the terms T-shaped and I-shaped testers. An I-shaped testers have deep experience in one area or skillset, but they haven’t applied this expertise elsewhere. T-shaped people have two kinds of characteristics, depth of skill that allows them to contribute and the disposition for collaboration across disciplines.
As the agile become more influential in our testing lives we noticed that we need to evolve from I-shaped testers to T-shaped testers. For a while it seems enough. But, is it really enough? I started thinking about age of nonstop innovation and do we, as testers, need to innovate also. It lead me to a term of X-shaped tester and I realized that I have become one, without even realizing that. I’m not mainly T-shaped anymore – I have developed a different skillsets. Join me in this talk where I’ll explain the journey from an I-shaped to a T-shaped and finally X-shaped tester. Is it a mythical tester or can you really become one?

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    • Mirjana-Kolarov


      Mirjana Kolarov - Test Architect / Test Department Manager , Levi9 IT Services, Serbia

      Mirjana is co-founder of the first testing community in Serbia, called Test’RS Club ( After more than 8 years in testing she concluded that she needs to give it back to the community and started speaking and doing workshops. During the day she is a Test Department Manager and Test Architect at Levi Nine IT Services. But above all she is passionate and highly motivated software tester who loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing, and leads by example, promoting appropriate and deliberates testing skills and techniques.

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