Test Management: When ‘Je Ne Sais Pas’ Is Not An Option

However diverse we are as a community, one thing we all have in common is that we will find ourselves from time to time in an environment that is completely new to us. Yes, we are ‘craftsmen’, we know our ‘testing’, but really knowing the business of the client, sometimes makes for an interesting challenge. In particular when you are in a (strategic) position where saying ‘I don’t know’ seems not to be an option! There could be multiple reasons:

  • A strategic project to “beat” competitors•
  • A project that is in the newspapers from day 1, i.e. the introduction of the Euro or implementing a new metro line
  • A project with multiple stakeholders with high stake

Whatever the reason, it can give you a clue on how to go about finding out the answer to the questions asked
Both speakers have been in this position, more often than not. And have experienced that finding a way to deal with that is the key to successful Test Management.

This year’s theme gives the speakers the opportunity to share their learnings, collected during years of experience. For example:

  • How to perform competitor research
  • How to plan the right meetings with the right stakeholders
  • How to define the best Test Strategy to meet all stakeholders expectations (and they can be pretty diverse)
  • How to deal with Test Reporting

By interactive exercises we will take the delegates through different types of learnings and (hopefully) go from “I don’t know” to “I know a bit more” and subsequently feeling more in control.

Speakers experience have been gathered in multiple situations and environments, so whether you as a delegate work in a traditional environment or Agile, there are learnings in it for you. Same goes for delegates working in banking, (local) governance or Mobile. This tutorial gives input for all Test Managers from beginning to intermediate levels who are facing challenges with respect to controlled stakeholder management and successful Test Management.

  • Speaker

  • Iris Pinkster-O'Riordain - Test Manager, Professional Testing BV, Netherlands

    Iris Pinkster-O’Riordain is test advisor at Professional Testing and has experience in testing and test management since 1996. She co-developed Logica’s method for structured testing: TestFrame ®, their test management approach and TestGrip, the method on test policy and test organization. Iris is the co-author of the books published on these topics. She often speaks at (inter) national conferences. In 2007 she won the EuroSTAR award for “Best Tutorial”. In 2017 Iris was Program Chair for the EuroSTAR Conference in Copenhagen.


  • Co-Speaker

    Greet Burkels - Professional Interim & Program Management, Netherlands

    Greet Burkels is an experienced Test Program Manager at Professional Interim & Program Management, who has led large programs within various (international) corporations. Programs related to mergers, system integration but also significant organizational changes. She has obtained the Practioner certificate for Managing Successful Programs to complete the experiences gained over the last twenty-some years.