When Others Don’t Understand- Testers as Translators.

As testers we provide lots of information to different stakeholders, they use this information to make important and often critical decisions. In this talk I will share some real life cases in which I ‘translated’ information from detailed, highly technical information to information that can be used by management or users to make some of those decisions.

I will go through four real life situations:

*In case 1, I found myself between users and dev’s.
*In case two, between higher level management and dev’s.
*In case three, between the business and the project
*In case four, between higher level management and the project. I will tell about the problem, the measures I took and the effect of these measures.

At the end of the presentation I will share some common practices for communicating on different levels. The main conclusion will be that empathy (both in content and language), reasonable technical knowledge, understanding managements perspective and to keep asking questions are essential skills for testers.

I will leave the audience with a choice. The choice whether you want to be a translator or not!

  • Speaker


    Janjaap Cannegieter - Principal Consultant, Squerist, netherlands

    Jan Jaap Cannegieter has 20 years of experience in ICT, he did assignments in requirements, testing, quality assurance, process improvement, Agile and digitalization. Jan Jaap is now Principal Consultant at Squerist, a consultancy company of 100 employees specialized in process management and testing. Within Squerist Jan Jaap is responsible for coaching, knowledge management and product development. He is also Test Manager at the Dutch Standardization Organization. Jan Jaap is the well-known author of several articles and books in the Netherlands and is a regular (keynote) speaker on international conferences.