All Good Intentions Fly Out of the Window

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Talk Abstract:

Your team has been working in an agile setting for some time now, and you’ve been doing quite well: Delivering high quality software in a predictable pace, continuously improving your product as well as your way of working. The team is happy with the way of working and the stakeholders are happy with the product that is being delivered. All is well.

But then something happens… Suddenly there is a change within the organisation. A major change in targets, unrealistic deadlines are introduced, extra functionality is pushed… and you notice a change within your team as well: The people who have been working so well together, now don’t seem to have time for each other anymore, let alone for continuous improvement. In fact, some of the things the team has agreed upon to be able to deliver better software, such as three amigo and pair programming sessions, are discarded because “there’s no time for that now”.

The result: a significant increase in findings, more rework, pointing fingers, an hostile environment where people are no longer cooperative. All good intentions went out the window. Was all the progress your team made for nothing? How could this have happened?

Last year, I found myself in this situation, asking similar questions. It did not only frustrate me, it also intrigued me, so I set out to find out what could have caused such a setback within our team. I consulted a specialist in the area of human behaviour and mental performance.

In this presentation, I’d like to share my findings on how people react subconsciously on disruptive factors in their work environment, and how the unique perspective of a tester can help a team get back into the right flow.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Stress causes the subconscious to overrule the conscious.
  2. Helping people understand what their subconscious is causing them to do, is the necessary first step
  3. Once you see what is going on, you can get back in control.

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      Jantien van der Meer - Senior Test Specialist , Bartosz ICT, Netherlands

      After my education Humans & Informatics, I started my career as test consultant in 2007. Now, 12 years later, I still get a lot of energy and joy from my job as a test specialist. My wide area of interests and enormous curiosity, e.g. in new systems, environments, people, and ways of working, enable me to keep developing myself, and let myself be amazed by the world around me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and ideas, and thus draw others into my passion for the profession.

      I thoroughly enjoy challenges: Whether it is getting into the code, supporting my team to become more ‘quality infected’ or participating in the national championship software testing.

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