Beyond Borders – Field Testing the World’s First Frictionless Border Crossing

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Talk Abstract:

In order to fulfill the vision: “Valuable public protection” The Norwegian customs are currently going through a large digitalisation process. Express Clearance is part of this process, a new automised concept, probably the first in the world letting transports cross the border without having to stop and report to customs. This concept will be more time efficient both to businesses and customs, and will provide smoother border crossing for all parties involved.

Key elements – receiving all electronic information prior to arrival, electronic assessment of all information received and electronic registration of vehicle and automated release of goods at the border.

We will share our experiences from field testing this concept in a real life environment. How did we get the value chain consisting of:
new software, integration with back-office systems, ANPR-systems, traffic light, barrier, directions to drivers of really big vehicles
to work well for all involved parties.

Express Clearance is being tested in a pilot at Ørje border crossing point, and our challenges span from large test objects such as big trailers, heavy snow, cold weather, dirty licence plates, unreliable wi-fi, giving directions to drivers and so on. We aim to show you the balance between testing in a project lab before releasing to real life testing.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Examples from field testing the world’s first automated border crossing concept
  2. Testing a value chain in a challenging environment
  3. A cool story about an extraordinary testing assignment

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    • Speaker

    • Kristina Lassen Tangen - Senior Test manager , Promis Qualify, Norway

      Kristina is an experienced test manager, her background is from different businesses and public sector. Currently working as a test manager for the Express Clearance project in the Norwegian Customa. Educated in IT, started up as a developer, but soon got a deep interest in quality and testing. Has a special interest in agile environments, and also in process improvement. How to use technology to get people with different background work together towards better solutions.

    • Co-Speaker

      Marianne Riise - Norwegian Customs Norway

      Marianne is Project manager for the Express Clearance project. Lawyer of background, formerly worked as a project manager with several law projects and more ICT related projects. Great interest in ICT and digitizing manual processes where possible, where several professions work together for change towards more efficient solutions. Started on an ICT education before I went to law school, maybe that’s why I’ve ended up where I am now.

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