How Fragile is Your Agile?: What Could Possibly Go Wrong with a .click();?

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Talk Abstract:

In order to do Agile ‘properly’ we need test automation – even more so with DevOps. API test automation can be reliable and is often the first place to start. User Interface test automation however, is known to be fragile and this fragility or flakiness is discussed a great deal online and in conferences presentation.

Why is it fragile? What is this flakiness due to? We look in detail at the life of an automated mouse click(). We look at what could go wrong and then draw conclusions about test automation and the way we should build it.

We will draw on these conclusion to discuss the Test Automation Paradox which is that when we are testing a system with automated tests we are testing two things: (i) the system under test and (ii) the automated tests themselves.

We will see how the size of the system under test’s input space is critical for the automation approach. Are Page Objects the answer? How does Cucumber help or hinder?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Greater understanding of why an automated click() may fail.
  2. In test automation, reliability is key.
  3. How some automation code architectures make building reliability easy.


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    • Speaker

    • John Kent


      John Kent - MD, Simply Testing Ltd, United Kingdom

      John Kent has been helping organisations with test automation for nearly thirty years. He developed the ‘Test Liberation’ keyword driven, script-less automation framework which is built on top of Selenium. He wrote a chapter for the book ‘Experiences of Test Automation’ and is co-author of the Official Netscape Guide to JavaScript1.2.