How We Improved iOS Delivery Speed from the QA Side

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Talk Abstract:

We all want to do more automation, non-functional testing and other cool things.

On the other hand, regressions take up the valuable time needed for those tasks.

Reducing the time spent on manual regressions sounds great – but impossible?

Keep calm and come to my talk.

I will share how we managed to save time by moving to flows involving almost no manual QA.

No worries, we still managed to save our jobs!

Gaining appreciation from developers by teaching them to test and by doing automation was an added benefit.

We’d all agree the road was not always smooth.

Every change in the process involved tremendous teamwork.

Luckily, we went from 10% to 90% of features covered with tests in just 1.5 years.

Let me share with you how we did it and encourage you to consider doing the same.

Get it? It’s all about working well.
(Just in case you missed it: read the first letter in every sentence above to find out the theme of the conference.)

I will talk about:
– How we help our developers to be more self-sufficient in terms of testing
– How we encourage them to take more responsibility for their tasks with what we call the ‘QA=NO tickets’
– How we cover features with automation tests in parallel with developers working on them at the same time. We call it ‘Automation_QA=YES tickets’

Key Takeaways:

  1. Improving QA processes
  2. Improving the quality of testing
  3. The ability to release features faster

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    • Speaker

    • Kateryna Sprynsian - Senior iOS QA Engineer , Badoo Ltd, United Kingdom

      My name is Kateryna Sprynsian. I started my career as a QA trainee in SoftwareMacKiev, Ukraine, over 6 years ago. Since then I changed few companies and grew a lot as a specialist testing web, mobile and writing automation tests. Four years ago I joined the Badoo iOS team in London, where I continued to evolve with the company. And since then we lived happily ever after.

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