Real Customer Case Study

W9     Start Time : 11:30     End Time : 12:15

This is a Real Customer Case Study

Talk Abstract:

During this session you will be introduced to how testing and quality assurance work in multinational cement manufacturer and distributor CEMEX.

You will get an overview of the CEMEX GO solution, its distribution, and its usage by CEMEX. Hear how the Prague branch of Neoris fit into the picture of developing and testing a global solution. You will also learn how SCRUM teams are organized in our Prague office. Collaboration and cooperation with our external partner, Tesena, will be introduced as a way to show how people are working within and across teams and companies within CEMEX and Neoris.

The overall concept of testing across technical layers and solutions developed and tested in Prague and throughout the architecture of CEMEX will be presented and explained.

How do users use the solution and what happens if 30,000 of your users in 25 countries cannot use, order, or monitor their orders?
How do coordination and communication of teams across several continents work?
Why are CEMEX and Neoris transforming and where are the companies from a QA perspective?
How can waterfall and agile worlds exist in parallel?

Key Takeaways:

  1. CEMEX GO Solution overview
  2. Testing strategy by Neoris for Cemex GO
  3. Prague office test approach

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Real experiences and examples of how companies overcome testing challenges are popular with our delegates at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference. Testing stories are what we learn from. Each year, we dedicate a session on the programme to presenting a real customer case study with a speaker detailing their experiences of working with a testing tool provider. This is not a sales pitch, it is real experiences and real learnings presented for the benefit of the EuroSTAR delegates. The Real Customer Case Study is submitted for preview by the Programme Committee.

As with the entire EuroSTAR programme of talks and learning sessions, these Real Customer Case Study offers value to our audience of software testers and quality assurance professionals.

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    • Speaker

    • Petr Riha - QA Manager , Neoris, Czech Republic

      Petr is working as a QA manager in Neoris Czech Republic where he is part of the Cemex and Neoris digital transformation project (Cemex is the second largest building materials company worldwide). In this position he has opportunity to follow and contribute to the journey of company changes during the transformation and how it affects testing, quality and whole software development life cycle (SDLC) process. Previously, Petr played a role of Global QA manager in the financial industry, trading of derivatives; leading and coordinating test teams in Prague, London, Chicago and India.

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