The Future of Testing: Becoming Even More Awesome

W7     Start Time : 11:30     End Time : 12:15

Talk Abstract:

For the last year i have been part of a research project financed partly by the Swedish government to try to look and challenges with in the field of software testing. The project is a joint venture between my company, representing the industry and Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) Viktoria, representing Academia. The project was set up with focus on AI/ML with in the Automotive industry.

The project has been two fold. The first part has been a literature study to survey the current studies been published. Some 60+ papers was included in the study to get broad view. In the second part we did deep interviews with people in the industry to see how their everyday work map to the subjects that academia are conducting research on.

My talk will present the result of both part of the study. I will go though the top 3 challenges with in software testing from both perspectives. By doing this i hope to challenge the perception of where we are and what the future has in store for us, testers..

Key Takeaways:

  1. The main challenge for the future is still people and how we work together
  2. New technical advancements such as AI will need new way of testing
  3. Do you dare to change your core to move forward?


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  • Speaker

  • Martin Karsberg - Senior Test Consultant, Infotiv, Sweden

    My testing carer began almost 2 decades ago. Over the years i have had the luxury to work with a wide range of different products and within several different companies. Always with some sort of testing focus. I love the interaction and networking that the role of tester presents and the challenges that comes with working with people.

    The last couple of years i have made a point in trying to give back to the community through speeches (conferences and local networks) and lectures (Colleges and universities).