The Wise and Foolish builders, a Critical Approach to Using Analytics for Testing

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Talk Abstract:

So much of what we do relies on the work and products of others. We test using software tools, we measure using other software products and reports, decisions rely on AI, Machine Learning, etc., and in many cases we use services that are freely available. Many assume these software offerings work sufficiently well to just use them, but is their trust misplaced?

This session is based on practical, real-world use and evaluation of tools aimed at improving the quality of our software. The tools we evaluated measure usage of over a billion people, what if those tools have material flaws? Now what?

Analytics are freely available to testers and they can usefully complement other information gathered during testing. What information can we extract from analytics, and can we trust them? Who should test these foundations and how? What would happen to our testing if the analytics and other tools we trust to help us have flaws?

This session examines the behaviours and differences of using several software analytics tools for Android apps based on experience and ‘common sense’. What are some of the effects of using these tools on users, engineering teams, and businesses? And, what do the lessons from testing these tools can we take into our use and reliance on other software tools?

Don’t be a foolish tester, join Julian for this session. The wise learn from other people’s mistakes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our work needs to build on trustworthy foundations, these need testing before being trusted.
  • Wisdom comes when you test the tools you use, even if they come from well-known and high reputation sources.
  • The concepts, approach, and practices may apply widely to other software and domains.

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  • Speaker

  • Julian Harty EuroSTAR Conference


    Julian Harty - MD, CommerceTest Ltd, UK

    Julian’s been actively involved in many aspects of testing and development of software globally; including roles at many innovative and successful tech companies across a wide range of industries.

    He’s a long-term contributor to opensource apps (including Kiwix for Wikipedia) and test automation including Selenium and several test automation frameworks for mobile apps. He’s co-authored several books including the highly successful Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Mobile Analytics Playbook, and wrote an early book on test automation for mobile apps. He’s undertaking PhD research to explore ways to improve the testing and development of mobile apps using analytics.

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