Your Testing Habitat is Rapidly Changing. Are You?

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Animals continually face challenges to their habitat, their way of life, and their natural behaviors. These powerful forces drive adaptation in the animal kingdom. Animals that adapt to their habitat survive. Animals that do not adapt can become endangered, if not, even extinct.

Testers must accept that their habitat is also rapidly changing. RPA, AI, Regulation and Agile methodologies greatly impact our environment. I pinpoint common behaviors and tendencies in the animal world and draw direct parallels to our real-life testing ecosystem. I shine a light on six skills, attributes, and mindsets that testers must grow to thrive in a changing habitat.

  • Territorial Marking: identify your testing animal instincts
  • Conservation and Preservation: nurture the young tester
  • Captivity and Migration: break from the testing cage
  • From the predator & prey relationship to an evolving Agile & DevOps ecosystem
  • Natural Selection: survival of the fittest tester
  • Dogs lead the way: how raising a guide dog for the blind made me a better tester and test manager


My analogies and recommendations are practical and applicable for all testing methodologies. They are loaded with personal testing experiences from creating, growing, marketing and leading international testing teams through habitat changes.

Habitat threats are growing, not receding. Your habitat is changing…are you? Together let’s save the tester.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Identify six skills, attributes, and mindsets you must grow to thrive in a changing habitat
  2. Get to the heart of why soft skills are the new core skills
  3. Gain pragmatic advice of success and stumbles from deep inside the testing jungle


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    • Speaker

    • Ryan Volker - Head of Product Engineering, Targobank, Germany

      My experience spans almost 20 years in banking across both sides of the Atlantic. My original habitat included U.S. Banking Operations and Online Product Management before launching a first-ever, multi-national testing department for a large German bank. The spotlight was squarely on identifying and delivering testing strategies for mobile, multi-channel and multi-platform banking products. Our focus encompasses manual and automated testing using both waterfall and agile methodologies.
      Through creating an in-house testing department and connecting business with IT, I offer practical advice of success and stumbles from deep inside the jungle.

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