Track Talk

5 Myths and Anti-patterns to Refactor Out with Continuous Performance

Paul Bruce

11:15-11:45 CEST Wednesday 29th September

We’re told to ‘automate all the things’, but why? We’re told that fast feedback is important, but when? We’re told that certain testing is too late, but for what? Speed and scale are too important to leave to the last minute, but what else are responsible software engineers supposed to do? Informed release decisions require people, process and technology to be unhampered by myths and anti-patterns (particularly about system performance) to produce understandable and actionable insights.

Join Paul Bruce, Head of Incubation Engineering at Tricentis and Performance Engineering fanatic to review five critical stumbling blocks on the road to building sustainable continuous performance pipelines in large-scale enterprises and how to overcome them. From sanity checks to nightly stress tests, we’ll also discuss:

  1. Moving bespoke performance testing into predictable, repeatable automated pipelines
  2. Creating pre-production trend data that helps product teams reduce architectural tech debt
  3. Facilitating performance testing intake with automation-friendly processes to improve flow of work
  4. Asking performance ‘why’ questions in scalable ways that encourage people to make good decisions
  5. Disbanding “non-functional” in favor of “operational” requirements using SLOs and production telemetry