Track Talk

Building Relationships. A Testers Guide to the Enterprise World

Lukasz Pietrucha

11:15-11:45 CEST Thursday 30th September

As the company evolves so do all the underlying units that are the essential part of it. In this story I’d like to show how we moved from working with start-ups only into the brand new – for us – world of working with enterprise clients and how does that relate to a testers role in this context. It is a bumpy road that we are still exploring more and more.

During the talk I’d like to touch the five major pillars that need testers attention when working with enterprises:

– Make the connection
– Gain influence
– Agree on simple steps leading to adoption
– Make it scale
– Persevere through tough times

My talk is to serve as a guide and is purely based on experiences we had, thus I am happy to exchange thoughts and eventually counting on a heated discussion at the end.