Digital Happiness in the Age of Customer Obsession

Michiel Boreel

09:15-10:15 CEST Thursday 30th Sept

Every general purpose technology impact on society follows a distinct pattern in long waves that can last for 60 to 70 years. The internet will follow the same pattern. From the previous waves, like the first industrial revolution with its machines and factories, the age of steam, coal, iron and railways, the age of heavy engineering and the age of the automobile, oil and plastics we can learn a lot.

The most important thing to realize is that in the case of the internet, we are only halfway and the most fundamental impact on society is still ahead of us. We are right in the middle of a transformation from technological to societal innovation, where it becomes crucially important to focus on the social sustainability of all the magical applications we are creating.

How can the Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering community become the guardian of positive computing and digital happiness? With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the emergence of surveillance capitalism this becomes more important then ever.

Only when we all benefit from information technology, a new technology driven Golden Age can occur. And the young generations of millennials and GenZ expect nothing less.