Tutorial F

Dip Your Toes Into Test Automation – bringing the “quality” back!

John Ferguson Smart

09:30-13:00 CEST Tuesday 28th September

Learning test automation can be challenging. Too many beginner tutorials show you the basics but give little guidance on what goes into a high quality, highly maintainable automated test.

In this workshop, you will get the opportunity to take (or retake) your first steps in test automation, where we will put the quality back into quality, and consider not only how to write an automated test, but also how to make your test maintainable, robust, and easy to understand.

We will be using Cypress to test a simple website, but the principles you will learn will apply for any test automation.

Participants will experience test automation for themselves on their own machines, following along with a step-by-step process from an empty folder to a set of beautiful well-written automated acceptance tests.

Participants are not expected to have any coding experience, but will need to set up Node.js on their machines before the workshop (instructions will be provided).