Track Talk

How to Evolve Test Automation and Measure Success in Your Organisation

Abigail Cauchi

14:15-14:45 CEST Thursday 30th Sept

Picture this! You find yourself working in an organisation with a well-established testing strategy. Testing processes and tools are in place, there is a well-established test automation framework and a standard way of working across the teams.

For a long time, the organisation has been using the same test automation framework to develop the different test suites. As the organisation is evolving, there are new requirements and a new tech stack. With this, the limitations of the test automation framework are starting to surface. Teams are starting to suffer from long test runtimes, it is hard to maintain and debug the test suites and tests are flaky.

This is the situation I found myself in when I joined Kindred about three years ago. With all the limitations, we started to look at alternative test frameworks and test tools and found Cypress. We evaluated Cypress, compared it to two other test tools and Cypress was a clear winner. It relieved our biggest pain points and most importantly, it was much better suited to our tech stack.

We tried this out with some of our products and gained some experience and insights with the tool. We learned a lot, and we established how to best use Cypress in our organisation.

Now for the biggest challenge, how do we inspire the rest of the 300+ people strong development department to get onboard? Learn a new tool? And migrate existing test suites?

In this talk I will present to you how we in my team started a test automation evolution. I discuss how to evaluate new tools, how to make a business case for change and how to engage testers across the organisation to move away from a well-established test automation framework.

We have successfully moved our test automation from the in-house Selenium-based framework to the new Cypress framework without any bloodshed. Now our auto tests run 90% faster, they are easier to write and maintain, and best of all, our auto tests are flake resistant.